We work with both client and our staff to offers a full range of design skills ensuring that our projects are completed in a timely manner and to the highest standards. We continue to strive for excellence in design and to push the boundaries of imagination in creating extraordinary spaces or products that we hope will provide enjoyment for many years to come.

Aqua White Home Design Philosophy
1. Needs - Understand client needs, from all aspects a. Physical, b. Visual, c. Emotional, d. Sometimes even spiritual needs

2. Form follows function - convey client needs into interior objects, forms, shapes, even lightings design; with careful consideration of distance, accessibility, ease of usage, conveniences, human ergonomic, and human emotion.

3. Aesthetic - We believe that real and timeless beauty comes from,
a) Nature material - These are marble we love~ Carrara marble, Arabescato marble, Nero Protocol marble, figured white ash veneer, figured Sycamore, Santo Rosewood, good fabric & leather
b) Good proportion, composition & balance between interior objects; Composition of walls, ceilings, furnitures and materials, Good proportion adds harmony or balance among the parts of a design as a whole. We carefully considered the relationship & composition between each element in the space.

4. Decoration - a space with great consideration of function and aesthetic is always primary, decoration comes after it. Decoration helped enliven the space.

We keep an open mind on questions of style preferring to strike a balance between the best solution for the site, our clients’ preferences, and what is potentially approvable for each particular site.

Project scheme


Consultation/field survey

Please tell us about your family, life cycle, and hobbies so that we can make proposals tailored to your lifestyle.


We will create a beautiful and easy-to-use space by considering everything from the planning stage to the final furniture layout and curtain style.


Final design

Considering your wardrobe, tableware, etc., we will carefully decide even the finest parts according to individual needs


Construction supervision

We will manage the construction schedule and quality


Delivery and installation

After the construction is complete, we will install furniture, lighting, curtains, etc.

Case study