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Key handover

Key receipt and storage services from developers


Defect Checking and Report

Differential check agency and report from our Starf


Interior support

From our design team, we provide general consultation from interior design to installation of furniture and electricity.

Vacant management

Indoor checks, payment of administrative expenses, taxes, etc., management reports, etc.

Rental management

Tenant recruitment, tenant correspondence, rent collection and remittance, management report, etc.


Looking for buyers, assessing the sale price, preparing contracts, paying taxes, etc.

When the key and security card etc. of the property are handed over from the developer to the customer, we will adjust the schedule, and we provide a service that the Japanese or the staff who is fluent in Japanese accompanies the customer, or receives the key etc. on behalf of the visitor, and stores the key, security card, etc. at our company.We receive keys, etc., and provide support such as guidance of completed properties.

Service item/content/charge
Key delivery Accompanying and acting on behalf of the key (receipt and storage)
Guidance Accompanying guidance of the completed property or report on the current status of the completed property
(Service charge) RM 500

The defect check of the completed property is communicated to the developer with the customer or on behalf of the customer.We will send the defect check report to the customer, repair and repair confirmation of the pointed point, negotiate and follow the problem, and send the completion report of the repair and repair.In addition, we provide support for the establishment and installation of cable TV, the Internet, electricity, water supply, etc.

Service item/content/charge
Defectcheck Accompanying, acting, and reporting by our construction department
Pre-move-in installation support Support for the establishment and installation of cable TV, internet environment, electricity, and water supply
(Service charge) ・DEFECT CHECK
RM 1,000 (~1000 SQF), RM 1,500 (~2000 SQF), RM 2,000 (2000 SQF~)
Installation support before moving in
RM 500 / per service
We provide general services from our dedicated designers, from designing suitable for operation purposes such as living and renting to installing furniture and electricity. Please refer here for details.
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Please use the vacancy management service after the property has been handed over to you by the seller and if it has not been used for residential purposes or has not yet been rented. The vacancy management service pays on behalf of the customer on behalf of the management fee, property tax, utility bills, etc. We will check the room and report vacancy management.

Service item/content/charge
Invoice collection and payment agency Collection of bills and payments for management fees, property tax, utility bills, etc.
Mail collection/sending Collection and delivery of postal items to the customer
Indoor check such as ventilation and water flow Check the room regularly to maintain the condition of the property
Vacancy management report We can send you a property management report every month to check the status
(Service charge) RM 250
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As a renting service, we will provide support for tenants using the local network and create documents such as rental contracts. In addition, negotiations and adjustments with the borrower, rental management operations such as rent collection and remittance, repairs and other borrower correspondence, management expenses and fixed asset tax payment agency, mail collection and delivery, monthly management reports, tenant removal We provide necessary support at the time of renting, such as witnessing, confirmation, liquidation, and renewal of rental contracts and adjustment of contents as a rental contract renewal service.

Service item/content/charge
Tenant Search Search for potential tenants using out extensive network, assist in drafting tenancy agreements, move-in inventory check and assistance.
Tenancy Management Assist in repairs, tenant enquiries during lease period.
Rent Collection We can assist to collect rent and wire to owners.
Property Invoice Management We can assist to collect invoices, compile, and help arrange for payments at respective offices (e.g. DBKL, TNB, Wifi services)
Mail Collection We can assist to receive parcels/mail sent to your property and mail them to you.
Rental management We’ll help you stay up-to-date on matters pertaining the tenant and expenses pertaining your property.
Tenancy Renewal We can assist to liaise between tenant and landlord, and prepare necessary paperwork for tenancy contract renewals.
Tenancy Termination We will liaise with the tenant on the moving out process on your behalf, inspect the property upon handover, assist in deposit refunds.
Service Fee 8% of rent amount (minimum RM250 per month)
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We utilize our extensive local network to locate potential buyers for your property. We can also assist in negotiations with the buyer regarding the sale price and other requests on your behalf, assist in drafting the Sales & Purchase Agreement, handling the handover, filing with relevant authorities, and assisting with taxes in relation to the sale.

Service item/content/charge
Sale assessment After viewing your property, we will propose a reasonable price for sale
Looking for a buyer Searching for buyers using the local network
Negotiations with the buyer Negotiation and adjustment of trading conditions on behalf of customers
Preparation of sales contract related documents Preparation and preparation of documents related to sales contracts
Tax payment agency Payment of taxes paid at the time of sale
(Service charge) 3-5% of the sale price. Please contact us for details on the sales assessment and tax payment agency fees

With our services, rest assured your property is in good hands! You’ll receive detailed monthly reports so you will be kept up-to-date with your properties no matter where you are.